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1999 Die Abfallwirtschaft als Teilbereich der kommunalen Umweltpolitik: Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der kreisfreien Stadt Augsburg, des Landkreises Augsburg und des Landkreises Aichach-FriedbergLudin, Daniela / Rahmeyer, Fritz
2010 Market dynamics, dynamic resource management and environmental policy in the context of (strong) sustainabilityKlarl, Torben
2005 Questioning the sustainability of Biodiesel: Final report - October 2005Frondel, Manuel / Peters, Jörg
2000 Allowing for household preferences in emission trading-A contribution to the climate policy debateAhlheim, Michael / Schneider, Friedrich
2000 Wage differentials between the formal and the informal sector in urban BoliviaMønsted, Trine
2008 Satisfaction with Democracy and Collective Action Problems: The Case of the EnvironmentHalla, Martin / Schneider, Friedrich / Wagner, Alexander
2009 On the Relation between Dual-Rate Discounting and SubstitutabilityKögel, Tomas
2006 Water Infrastructures Facing Sustainable Development Challenges: Integrated Evaluation of Impacts of Dams on Regional Development in MoroccoMinoia, Paola / Brusarosco, Anna
1997 Growth effects of a revenue neutral environmental tax reformHettich, Frank
1996 Ecological dumping and environmental capital flight: The economics behind the propagandaKuhn, Michael / Tivig, Thusnelda

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