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DateTitle Authors
2010 The value of water in Bolivia: An economic resource or a human right?Castañón Ballivián, Enrique
2003 Development Aid and the CDM - How to interpret "Financial Additionality"Dutschke, Michael / Michaelowa, Axel
2003 Equal emissions per capita over time : a proposal to combine responsibility and equity of rightsBode, Sven
2003 Baseline Determination at Government Discretion Multi-Project Baselines for the First Track of Joint Implementation?Schmitz, Simon / Michaelowa, Axel
2004 European Climate Policy : Burden Sharing after 2012Bode, Sven
2006 Water quality trading: Theoretical and practical approachesKeudel, Marianne
2007 Climate change and water resources: An international perspectiveKeudel, Marianne
2013 Regional climate change of the greater Zambezi River Basin: A hybrid assessmentSchlosser, C. Adam / Strzepek, Kenneth
2013 International Environmental Agreements for River Sharing ProblemsHouba, Harold / van der Laan, Gerard / Zeng, Yuyu
2001 Towards efficient pollution control in the Baltic Sea: An anatomy of current failure with suggestionsHonkatukia, Juha / Ollikainen, Markku

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