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2013 Financing Public Capital through Land Rent Taxation: A Macroeconomic Henry George TheoremMattauch, Linus / Siegmeier, Jan / Edenhofer, Ottmar / Creutzig, Felix
2004 The Regional Self-Organizing Potential in Sustainable Agriculture: An Analysis of Co-operative Agreements on Nitrate Pollution by means of Rough Set MethodsNijkamp, Peter / Oltmer, Katrin
2010 An equilibrium model of habitat conservation under uncertainty and irreversibilityDi Corato, Luca / Moretto, Michele / Vergalli, Sergio
2011 Land-use change and solar energy production: A real option approachGazheli, Ardjan / Di Corato, Luca
2011 Land conversion pace under uncertainty and irreversibility: Too fast or too slow?Di Corato, Luca / Moretto, Michele / Vergalli, Sergio
2011 Can a populist political party bear the risk of granting complete property rights? Electoral outcomes of Mexico's second land reformde Janvry, Alain / Gonzalez-Navarro, Marco / Sadoulet, Elisabeth
2012 The long run impact of biofuels on food pricesChakravorty, Ujjayant / Hubert, Marie-Hélène / Moreaux, Michel / Nøstbakken, Linda
2006 Toward Environmental Responsibility of Thai Shrimp Farming through a Voluntary Management SchemePongthanapanich, Tipparat / Roth, Eva
2005 Options and Tradeoffs in Krabi's Coastal Land UsePongthanapanich, Tipparat
2012 Modelling land use, land-use change, and forestry in climate change: A review of major approachesMichetti, Melania

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