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DateTitle Authors
2009 The role of forests as carbon sinks: Land-use and carbon accountingRosa, Renato / Costa Duarte, Clara / Cunha-e-Sá, Maria A.
1991 International Support for Brazilian Forests? An Evaluation of Project 'Floram'Andersson, Thomas
2008 Institutions and forest management: A case study from Swat, PakistanKruseman, Gideon / Pellegrini, Lorenzo
2014 Optimal Forest Management when Logging Damages and Costs Differ between Logging PracticesIndrajaya, Yonky / van der Werf, Edwin / van Ierland, Ekko / Mohren, Frits
2004 Property Rights Conservation and Development: An Analysis of Extractive Reserves in the Brazilian AmazonIgliori, Danilo Camargo / Goesch, Timo
2004 Comparing Open and Sealed Bid Auctions: Theory and Evidence from Timber AuctionsLevin, Jonathan / Athey, Susan / Seira, Enrique
2010 On optimal forest management: A bifurcation analysisDasgupta, Swagan / Mitra, Tapan
2009 Weather-based estimation of wildfire riskHo, Joanne / Odening, Martin
2010 Economic Causes of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: A Panel Data Analysis for 2000sKis-Katos, Krisztina / Hargrave Gonçalves da Silva, Jorge
2003 Practical Issues Concerning Temporary Carbon Credits in the CDMDutschke, Michael / Schlamadinger, Bernhard

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