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2003 Environmental quality competition and eco-labelingAmacher, Gregory S. / Koskela, Erkki / Ollikainen, Markku
2001 Domestic inefficiencies caused by transboundary pollution problems when there is no international coordination of environmental policiesHoel, Michael
2001 Allocating greenhouse gas emissions among countries with mobile populationsHoel, Michael
2003 Green consumers and public policy: On socially contingent moral motivationNyborg, Karine / Howarth, Richard B. / Brekke, Kjell Arne
2000 Transboundary environmental problems with a mobile population: Is there a need for central policy?Hoel, Michael / Shapiro, Perry
2012 Does a renewable fuel standard for biofuels reduce climate costs?Greaker, Mads / Hoel, Michael / Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2011 Near Real-Time Disturbance Detection in Terrestrial Ecosystems Using Satellite Image Time Series: Drought Detection in SomaliaVerbesselt, Jan / Zeileis, Achim / Herold, Martin
1995 Sustainable development and international distribution: Theory and application to rainforests as carbon sinksMohr, Ernst
1997 The sustainability paradigm: A macroeconomic perspectiveBretschger, Lucas
2002 Institutional choice in social dilemmas: An experimental approachBischoff, Ivo

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