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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Is There an Environmental Kuznets Curve: Empirical Evidence in a Cross-section Country DataVasilev, Aleksandar
1999Pricing in ecosystems: A generalized linear production modelKlauer, Bernd
2003Environment and Happiness : Valuation of Air Pollution in Ten European CountriesWelsch, Heinz
2014Beyond 2020 - Strategies and Costs for Transforming the European Energy SystemKnopf, Brigitte; Chen, Yen-Heng Henry; De Cian, Enrica; Förster, Hannah; Kanudia, Amit; Karkatsouli, Ioanna; Keppo, Ilkka; Koljonen, Tiina; Schumacher, Katja; van Vuuren, Detlef
2011Transposição do rio São Francisco: Análise de oportunidade do projetoNunes de Castro, César
2012The possibilities for the development of tourism in the Appennino Lucano Val d'Agri Lagonegrese National Park: A participative qualitative-quantitative approachBencivenga, Angelo; Breil, Margaretha; Cassinelli, Mariaester; Chiarullo, Livio; Percoco, Annalisa
2007Traditional Natural Resources Management Practices and Biodiversity Conservation in Ghana: A Review of Local Concepts and Issues on Change and SustainabilitySarfo-Mensah, Paul; Oduro, W.
2012Green growth and equity in the context of climate change: Some considerationsSachs, Jeffrey D.; Someshwar, Shiv
2012Policy-relevant assessment method of socio-economic impacts of floods: An Italian case studyFarinosi, Fabio; Carrera, Lorenzo; Maziotis, Alexandros; Mysiak, Jaroslav; Eboli, Fabio; Standardi, Gabriele
2014Transforming the European Energy System: Member States’ Prospects Within the EU FrameworkKnopf, Brigitte; Bakken, Bjørn; Carrara, Samuel; Kanudia, Amit; Keppo, Ilkka; Koljonen, Tiina; Mima, Silvana; Schmid, Eva; van Vuuren, Detlef