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DateTitle Authors
2010 Trade, tastes and nutrition in IndiaAtkin, David
2013 Crop failures and export tariffsBaake, Pio / Huck, Steffen
2014 Do multinational retailers affect the export competitiveness of host countries?Cheptea, Angela
2011 Distributive Effects of Regional Trade Agreements on the "Small Trading Partners": Mercosur and the case of Uruguay and ParaguayBorraz, Fernando / Rossi, Máximo / Ferrés, Daniel
2015 FTA effects on agricultural trade with matching approachesLee, GaSeul / Lim, Song Soo
2013 Potential trade distortion effects of state trading enterprises under the tariff-rate quota schemeYoon, Jung-Hyun / Lim, Song Soo
2013 Knowing where organic markets move next: An analysis of developing countries in the pineapple marketKleemann, Linda
2010 Politics, globalization, and food crisis discourseEsposo Guerrero, Bernard Joseph
2012 The Impact of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures on Market Entry and Trade FlowsCrivelli, Pramila / Gröschl, Jasmin
2003 Funktioniert fairer Handel? Ökonomische Überlegungen zum alternativen Handel mit KaffeeSteinrücken, Torsten

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