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2008 Income Diversification and Poverty in a Growing Agricultural Economy: The Case of GhanaLay, Jann / Schüler, Dana
2008 Food price inflation and schoolingGrimm, Michael
2007 Anreizkompatibilität von Entschädigungssystemen für Kosten und Verluste aus Tierseuchenausbrüchen in der Europäischen UnionHirsch, Bernhard / Nell, Martin
2011 Farm restructuring and agricultural recovery in Kazakhstan's grain region: An updatePetrick, Martin / Wandel, Jürgen / Karsten, Katharina
2010 Embedded institutions and the persistence of large farms in RussiaKoester, Ulrich / Petrick, Martin
2000 Land reform in Moldova: how viable are emerging peasant farms? An assessment referring to a recent World Bank studyPetrick, Martin
2002 Farm investment, credit rationing, and public credit policy in Poland: a microeconometric analysisPetrick, Martin
2000 Buchbesprechung: Beckmann, V. (2000): Transaktionskosten und institutionelle Wahl in der Landwirtschaft: zwischen Markt, Hierarchie und KooperationWeingarten, Peter
2003 Credit access and borrowing costs in Poland's agricultural credit market: a hedonic pricing approachPetrick, Martin / Latruffe, Laure
2004 Competitiveness of milk and wine production and processing in AlbaniaPetrick, Martin / Schreiber, Catrin / Weingarten, Peter

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