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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2015Survey Effects of Oil Income on Nonoil Export (Case Study: Iran)Varahrami, Vida
2008The impact of human capital on firm-level input use: Argentine agricultureGallacher, Marcos
2014Empirical linkage between oil price and stock market returns and volatility: Evidence from international developed marketsDhaoui, Abderrazak; Khraief, Naceur
2015Time lags in the pass-through of crude-oil prices: Big data evidence from the German gasoline marketFrondel, Manuel; Vance, Colin; Kihm, Alex
2011The role of financial speculation in driving the price of crue oilAlquist, Ron; Gervais, Olivier
2013Weather and Welfare: Health and Agricultural Impacts of Climate Extremes, Evidence from MexicoCompean, Roberto Guerrero
2010Agricultural insurances based on meteorological indices: realizations, methods and research agendaLeblois, Antoine; Quirion, Philippe
2006The Economic Impacts of Climate Change: Evidence from Agricultural Profits and Random Fluctuations in WeatherGreenstone, Michael; Deschenes, Olivier
2008Milchproduktion im Übergang: Eine Analyse von regionalen Potenzialen und GestaltungsspielräumenLassen, Birthe J.; Isermeyer, Folkhard; Friedrich, Carina
2012Analyse der Vorschläge der EU-Kommission vom 12. Oktober 2011 zur künftigen Gestaltung der Direktzahlungen im Rahmen der GAP nach 2013Forstner, Bernhard; Deblitz, Claus; Kleinhanß, Werner; Nieberg, Hiltrud; Offermann, Frank; Röder, Norbert; Salamon, Petra; Sanders, Jürn; Weingarten, Peter