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2012 The equivalence of strict liability and negligence rule: A "trompe l'œil" perspectiveMondello, Gérard
2005 R&D and private investment: How to conserve indigenous fruit biodiversity of Southern AfricaWaibel, Hermann / Wesseler, Justus / Mithöfer, Dagmar
2004 Benchmarking sustainable development: A synthetic meta-index approachCherchye, Laurens / Kuosmanen, Timo
2009 Liberal principles for social welfare relations in infinitely-lived societiesLombardi, Michele / Veneziani, Roberto
2008 The enhanced use of wood-biomass: Macroeconomic, sectoral and environmental impactsSchwarzbauer, Wolfgang / Balabanov, Todor
2011 The Impact of Information on the Willingness-to-Pay for Labeled Organic Food ProductsRousseau, Sandra / Vranken, Liesbet
2012 Sustainable agriculture and food security in Africa: An overviewKleemann, Linda
2006 Participatory Approach in Decision Making Processes for Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean BasinGiupponi, Carlo / Mysiak, Jaroslav / Crimi, Jacopo
2014 Trust as a Key Variable of Sustainable Development and Public Happiness: A Historical and Theoretical Example Regarding the Creation of MoneyGenovese, Nicola / La Spada, Maria Grazia
2010 Beyond Copenhagen: a realistic climate policy in a fragmented worldCarraro, Carlo / Massetti, Emanuele

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