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DateTitle Authors
2010 The impact of protest responses in choice experimentsBarrio, Melina / Loureiro, Maria L.
2010 Risky activities and strict liability rules: delegating safeMondello, Gérard
2010 Beyond Copenhagen: a realistic climate policy in a fragmented worldCarraro, Carlo / Massetti, Emanuele
2014 Trust as a Key Variable of Sustainable Development and Public Happiness: A Historical and Theoretical Example Regarding the Creation of MoneyGenovese, Nicola / La Spada, Maria Grazia
2005 Social Carrying Capacity of Mass Tourist Sites: Theoretical and Practical Issues about its MeasurementMarzetti, Silvia / Mosetti, R.
2006 Network Analysis, Creative System Modelling and Decision Support: The NetSyMoD ApproachGiupponi, Carlo / Camera, R. / Fassio, A. / Lasut, A. / Mysiak, J. / Sgobbi, A.
2006 A Modified Environmental Kuznets Curve for Sustainable Development Assessment Using Panel DataCostantini, Valeria / Martini, Chiara
2006 Environment, Human Development and Economic GrowthCostantini, Valeria / Monni, Salvatore
2006 Transitional Dynamics Towards Sustainability: Reconsidering the EKC HypothesisBella, Giovanni
2006 Governance and Water Management: Progress and Tools in Mediterranean CountriesSgobbi, Alessandra / Fraviga, Gregorio

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