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2009 Liberal principles for social welfare relations in infinitely-lived societiesLombardi, Michele / Veneziani, Roberto
2010 The impact of protest responses in choice experimentsBarrio, Melina / Loureiro, Maria L.
2011 The Impact of Information on the Willingness-to-Pay for Labeled Organic Food ProductsRousseau, Sandra / Vranken, Liesbet
2013 Nautical Tourism, Carrying Capacity and Environmental Externality in the Lagoon of Marano and GradoSilvestri, Francesco / Ghinoi, Stefano / Barone, Vincenzo
2013 Ambiguous Beliefs on Damages and Civil Liability TheoriesMondello, Gérard
2012 A utilitarian notion of responsibility for sustainabilityFünfgelt, Joachim / Baumgärtner, Stefan
2011 Hazardous activities and civil strict liability: The regulator's dilemmaMondello, Gérard
2008 Organic crops or energy crops? Options for rural development in Cambodia and the Lao People's Democratic RepublicMarkandya, Anil / Setboonsarng, Sununtar
2010 The challenges of global environmental change for urban AfricaSimon, David
2012 Combining rights and welfarism: A new approach to intertemporal evaluation of social alternativesLong, Ngo Van / Martinet, Vincent

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