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DateTitle Authors
2013 Competition for land and labour among individual farms and agricultural enterprises: Evidence from Kazakhstan's grain regionPetrick, Martin
2013 The organisation of agricultural production in East Germany since World War II: Historical roots and present situationWolz, Axel
2012 Intergenerational income persistency in urban ChinaQuheng, Deng / Gustafsson, Björn Anders / Li, Shi
2001 Economics of China's joint-stock co-operativesSun, Laixiang
2005 Rinder - Genossen - Exportweltmeister. Zur Evolution einer "strukturellen Kopplung"Roth, Steffen
2000 Limitations on De-collectivisation in Central European AgricultureBezemer, Dirk J.
1999 Russian Reforms: the Return of the Peasant?Bezemer, Dirk J.
2009 Land rights insecurity and temporary migration in rural Chinade la Rupelle, Maëlys / Quheng, Deng / Shi, Li / Vendryes, Thomas
2005 ПРОЦЕСС ФОРМИРОВАНИЯ РЫНКA СЕЛЬСКОХОЗЯЙСТВЕННЫХ ЗЕМЕЛЬ В УКРАИНЕMelnychuk, Vladimir / Parkhomenko, Sergiy / Lissitsa, Alexej
2005 Creation of agricultural land market in Ukraine: current state of developmentMelnychuk, Vladimir / Parkhomenko, Sergiy / Lissitsa, Alexej

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