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2015 A political economy of China's export restrictions on rare earth elementsPothen, Frank / Fink, Kilian
2009 Reforming pensions in Europe: Economic fundamentals and political factorsSchneider, Ondřej
2013 The evolution of German's values since reunificationNecker, Sarah / Voskort, Andrea
2015 Breaking the mold: Thoughts on Punjab's future economic developmentSingh, Nirvikar
2009 Transition fatigue? Cross-country evidence from micro dataRovelli, Riccardo / Zaiceva, Anzelika
2014 The Productivity Consequences of Political Turnover: Firm-Level Evidence from Ukraine's Orange RevolutionEarle, John S. / Gehlbach, Scott
2014 Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Ten New EU MembersCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Rault, Christophe / Sova, Robert / Sova, Anamaria
2004 Institutional Uncertainty and European Social Union : Impacts on Job Creation and Destruction in the CEECsBelke, Ansgar / Göcke, Matthias / Hebler, Martin
2004 What Makes Small Firms Grow? : Finance, Human Capital, Technical Assistance, and the Business Environment in RomaniaBrown, J. David / Earle, John S. / Lup, Dana
2002 Migration in the Soviet Successor StatesLocher, Lilo

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