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DateTitle Authors
2005 The Impact of the War 1991: 1995 on the Croatian Economy: A Contribution to the Analysis of War EconomiesSchönfelder, Bruno
2006 Inequality in transition countries: The contribution of markets and government taxes and transfersGiammatteo, Michele
2012 The Spatial Dimension of Trade- and FDI-driven Productivity Growth in Chinese Provinces – A Global Cointegration ApproachÖzyurt, Selin / Mitze, Timo
2013 Do institutions affect social preferences? Evidence from divided KoreaKim, Byung-Yeon / Choi, Syngjoo / Lee, Jungmin / Lee, Sokbae / Choi, Kyunghui
2007 Determinants of Poverty during Transition: Household Survey Evidence from UkraineBrück, Tilman / Danzer, Alexander M. / Muravyev, Alexander / Weißhaar, Natalia
2009 How important are labor market institutions for labor market performance in transition countries?Lehmann, Hartmut / Muravyev, Alexander
2012 The Ukrainian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey: Towards a better understanding of labor markets in transitionLehmann, Hartmut / Muravyev, Alexander / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2010 Evolution of employment protection legislation in the USSR, CIS and Baltic states, 1985 - 2009Muravyev, Alexander
2003 Creative destruction and productivity growth in an emerging economy : evidence from Slovenian manufacturingDe Loecker, Jan / Konings, Jozef
2004 Russian Cities in Transition : The Impact of Market Forces in the 1990sStuart, Robert C. / Gang, Ira N.

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