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2010 The long-run weight of communism or the weight of long-run history?Roland, Gérard
2010 European transition at twenty: Assessing progress in countries and sectorsBerglöf, Erik / Bruynooghe, Lise / Harmgart, Heike / Sanfey, Peter / Schweiger, Helena
2010 Why are the elite in China motivated to promote growth?Zang, Xiaowei
2012 The spatial dimension of trade- and FDI-driven productivity growth in Chinese provinces: A global cointegration approachÖzyurt, Selin / Mitze, Timo
2003 Creative Destruction and Productivity Growth in an Emerging Economy Evidence from Slovenian ManufacturingDe Loecker, Jan / Konings, Jozef
2005 Human Capital, Market Imperfections, Poverty, and Migration: Evidence from AlbaniaGermenji, Etleva / Swinnen, Johan
2001 Competing Locations’ Market Potential and FDI in Central and Eastern Europe vs the MediterraneanAltomonte, Carlo / Guagliano, Claudia
2005 Firm Heterogeneity and Endogenous Regional DisparitiesAltomonte, Carlo / Colantone, Italo
2006 Fiscal decentralization and political centralization in China: Implications for growth and inequalityZhang, Xiaobo
2006 Development strategies and regional income disparities in ChinaLin, Justin Yifu / Liu, Peilin

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