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2009 Long-term trends in the Levy Institute Measure of Economic Well-Being (LIMEW), United States, 1959- 2004Wolff, Edward N. / Zacharias, Ajit / Masterson, Thomas
2003 Mentality matters - Thorstein Veblens Regime of Status und Max Webers Protestantische Ethik aus der Sicht des (radikalen) Konservativismus: Eine Anwendung auf die ökonomischen Probleme des deutschen WiedervereinigungsprozessesLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco / Böhmer, Robert
2011 Labour market institutions and unemployment: Does finance matter?Rault, Christophe / Vaubourg, Anne-Gaël
2009 The impact of monetary and commodity fundamentals, macro news and central bank communication on the exchange rate: evidence from South AfricaÉgert, Balázs
2011 The Levy Institute Measure of Economic Well-Being, France, 1989 and 2000Masterson, Thomas / Zacharias, Ajit / Eren, Selçuk / Wolff, Edward N.
2012 Nominal and real exchange rate models in South Africa: How robust are they?Egert, Balazs
2012 A comparison of inequality and living standards in Canada and the United States using an expanded measure of economic well-beingWolff, Edward N. / Zacharias, Ajit / Masterson, Thomas / Eren, Selçuk / Sharpe, Andrew
2011 The Levy Institute Measure of Economic Well-Being, Great Britain, 1995 and 2005Eren, Selçuk / Masterson, Thomas / Wolff, Edward / Zacharias, Ajit
2003 On the Relative Efficiency of Democratic InstitutionsZimmermann, Klaus W. / Just, Tobias
2007 Real exchange rate dynamics in Macedonia: Old wisdoms and new insightsBogoev, Jane / Bojceva Terzijan, Sultanija / Égert, Balázs / Petrovska, Magdalena

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