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2009 Regional and sectoral effects of a common monetary policy: Evidence from euro referenda in Denmark and SwedenAhlfeldt, Gabriel M. / Maennig, Wolfgang / Osterheider, Tobias
2006 Satisfaction with democracy and the environment in Western Europe: a panel analysisWagner, Alexander F. / Schneider, Friedrich G.
2012 Job loss fears and (extremist) party identification: First evidence from panel dataGeishecker, Ingo / Siedler, Thomas
2008 The Political Economy of Financial SystemsHaber, Stephen / Perotti, Enrico
2008 Is there an election cycle in public employment? Separating time effects from election year effectsDahlberg, Matz / Mörk, Eva
2008 Washington meets Wall Street: A Closer Examination of the Presidential Cycle PuzzleKraeussl, R. / Lucas, A. / Rijsbergen, D. / van der Sluis, P.J. / Vrugt, E.
2012 Paternalism with hindsight do protégés react consequentialistically to paternalism?Kataria, Mitesh / Levati, M. Vittoria / Uhl, Matthias
2006 Household wealth and the measurement of economic well-being in the United StatesWolff, Edward N. / Zacharias, Ajit
1997 Protestant Ethic, Status Seeking, and Economic GrowthRauscher, Michael
2000 Social Harmony at the Boundaries of the Welfare State: Immigrants and Social TransfersEpstein, Gil S. / Hillman, Arye L.

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