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DateTitle Authors
2011 Der Beitrag der Kirche zur Demokratisierungsgestaltung der WirtschaftHeld, Bärbel
2006 Markt und MarktwirtschaftKirstein, Roland
2014 When one country's land gain is another country's land loss...: The social, ecological and economic dimensions of sand extraction in the context of world-systems analysis exemplified by Singapore's sand importsFranke, Maria
2007 Forced to Freedom? Empirical relations between aid and economic freedomKronthaler, Franz / Knedlik, Tobias
2014 Do Foreign Owners Favor Short-Term Profit? Evidence from GermanyDill, Verena / Jirjahn, Uwe / Smith, Stephen C.
2014 Large-scale transition of economic systems: Do CEECs converge towards Western prototypes?Ahlborn, Markus / Ahrens, Joachim / Schweickert, Rainer
1998 Swedish Lessons for Post-Socialist CountriesLindbeck, Assar
2012 Does Economic Freedom Foster Tolerance?Berggren, Niclas / Nilsson, Therese
2011 Varieties of capitalism, governance and government spending: A cross-section analysisAhrens, Joachim / Schweickert, Rainer / Zenker, Juliane
2014 Government activity and economic growth: One size fits all?Beckmann, Joscha / Endrich, Marek / Schweickert, Rainer

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