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2009 Does growth cause structural change, or is it the other way round?: a dynamic panel data analyses for seven OECD countriesDietrich, Andreas
2002 Tax Evasion and the Source of IncomeGërxhani, Klarita / Schram, Arthur
2013 Parental education, gender preferences and child nutritional status: Evidence from four developing countriesNovella, Rafael
2013 Regression analysis of country effects using multilevel data: A cautionary taleBryan, Mark L. / Jenkins, Stephen P.
2013 Cross-country heterogeneity and endogeneity bias in life satisfaction estimations - Macro- and micro-level evidence for advanced, developing and transition countriesKrenz, Astrid
2003 What determines the finance-growth nexus? An endogenous growth model and empirical evidenceGraff, Michael / Karmann, Alexander
2010 Do rising top incomes lift all boats?Andrews, Dan / Jencks, Christopher / Leigh, Andrew
2008 Temporary star or emerging tiger? Turkey's recent economic performance in a global settingÖniş, Ziya / Bayram, İsmail Emre
2009 Languages, Fees and the International Scope of PatentingHarhoff, Dietmar / Hoisl, Karin / van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno
2007 Successful transition towards a virtuous cycle of human development and economic growth : country studiesRanis, Gustav / Stewart, Frances

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