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DateTitle Authors
2006 Is the world flat? Or do countries still matter?Chong, Alberto / Gradstein, Mark
2008 Structural Differences in Economic GrowthBasturk, Nalan / Paap, Richard / van Dijk, Dick
2012 Income Inequality and Self-Reported ValuesCorneo, Giacomo / Neher, Frank
2009 Growth miracles and failures in a Markov switching classification model of growthKerekes, Monika
2009 The costs of organized violence : a review of the evidenceSkaperdas, Stergios
1999 Productivity convergence and economic growth: A frontier production function approachCornwell, Christopher Mark / Wächter, Jens-Uwe
1999 Age Distributions and the Current Account -A Changing Relation?Lindh, Thomas / Malmberg, Bo
2009 Does growth cause structural change, or is it the other way round?: a dynamic panel data analyses for seven OECD countriesDietrich, Andreas
2002 Tax Evasion and the Source of IncomeGërxhani, Klarita / Schram, Arthur
2013 Parental education, gender preferences and child nutritional status: Evidence from four developing countriesNovella, Rafael

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