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2010 Agricultural Productivity Growth, Efficiency Change and Technical Progress in Latin America and the CaribbeanLudena, Carlos
2010 Evolution of Gender Gaps in Latin America at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: An Addendum to New Century, Old DisparitiesHoyos, Alejandro / Nopo, Hugo
2010 Business-Government Interaction in Policy Councils in Latin America - Cheap Talk, Expensive Exchanges, or Collaborative Learning?Schneider, Ben Ross
2010 Productive Development Policies in Trinidad and Tobago: A Critical ReviewMoya, Ramiro / Mohammed, Anne-Marie / Sookram, Sandra
2009 Gender Wage Gaps in Central American Countries: Evidence from a Non-Parametric ApproachEnamorado, Ted / Izaguirre, Ana Carolina / Nopo, Hugo
2009 Fatores locacionais e o investimento estrangeiro em pesquisa e desenvolvimento: Evidências para o Brasil, Argentina e Méxicode Negri, Fernanda / Laplane, Mariano
2013 Disparidades do Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) per capita no Brasil: Uma análise de convergência em diferentes escalas regionais (1970-2008)Resende, Guilherme Mendes / Magalhães, João Carlos Ramos
1999 Estimating the Amenity Costs of Global Warming in Brazil: Getting the Most from Available DataTimmins, Christopher
2013 Fiscal illusion and the shadow economy: Two sides of the same coin?Schneider, Friedrich / Buehn, Andreas / Dell'Anno, Roberto
2015 Hurricane Watch: Battening Down the Effects of the Storm on Local Crop ProductionSpencer, Nekeisha / Polachek, Solomon

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