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2012 The rise and fall of income inequality in Mexico: 1989 - 2010Campos, Raymundo / Esquivel, Gerardo / Lustig, Nora
2008 Analysing the impact of natural hazards in small economies: The Caribbean caseHeger, Martin / Julca, Alex / Paddison, Oliver
2006 Why have all development strategies failed in Latin America?Rozenwurcel, Guillermo
2012 Evolution of teachers' salaries in Latin America at the turn of the 20th century: How much are they (under or over) paid?Mizala, Alejandra / Ñopo, Hugo
2013 The distribution of income in Central AmericaGindling, Thomas / Trejos S., Juan Diego
2009 Aproching optimal depletion path: Natural gas market in BoliviaAliaga Lordemann, Javier
2011 Financial Development and Economic Growth in Latin America: Is Schumpeter Right?Bittencourt, Manoel
2006 Financial Development and Inequality: Brazil 1985-99Meyer Bittencourt, Manoel F.
2006 Why exporters can be financially constrained in a recently liberalised economy? A puzzle based on Argentinean firms during the 1990sEspanol, Paula
2007 Inflation and Financial Development: Evidence from BrazilBittencourt, Manoel

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