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2010 How strong is the case for dollarization in Central America? An empirical analysis of business cycles, credit market imperfections and the exchange rateLindenberg, Nannette / Westermann, Frank
2009 How strong is the case for dollarization in Costa Rica? : a note on the business cycle comovements with the United StatesLindenberg, Nannette / Westermann, Frank
2002 Trade policy, trade volumes and plant-level productivity in Colombian manufacturing industriesFernandes, Ana
2003 Pobreza, Deforestación y Pérdida de la Biodiversidad en GuatemalaLoening, Ludger J. / Markussen, Michael
2009 Gender and racial wage gaps in Brazil 1996-2006: Evidence using a matching comparisons approachMarques Garcia, Luana / Ñopo, Hugo / Salardi, Paola
2007 Violence and growth in Latin AmericaGiménez Esteban, Gregorio
2009 The gender wage gap in Peru 1986-2000: Evidence from a matching comparisons approachÑopo, Hugo
2009 Ethnic and gender wage gaps in EcuadorGallardo, Lourdes / Ñopo, Hugo
2008 Socio-political conflict and economic performance in BoliviaEvia, Jose Luis / Laserna, Roberto / Skaperdas, Stergios
2007 Female land rights, crop specialization, and productivity in Paraguayan agricultureMasterson, Thomas

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