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2011 Impact of the global economic crisis on Taipei, China's industrial structure and firm activityHou, Jack W.
2011 Understanding foreign direct investment in East AsiaThorbecke, Willem / Salike, Nimesh
2010 Socioeconomic impacts of cross-border transport infrastructure development in South AsiaGilbert, John / Banik, Nilanjan
2011 Can Asia sustain an export-led growth strategy in the aftermath of the global crisis? An empirical explorationRazmi, Arslan / Hernandez, Gonzalo
2011 Understanding the pattern of growth and equity in the People's Republic of ChinaLiu, Minquan
2010 Exports, capabilities, and industrial policy in IndiaFelipe, Jesus / Kumar, Utsav / Abdon, Arnelyn
2010 Asia and the global crisis: Recovery prospects and the futureFelipe, Jesus
2006 Income inequality in China and its influencing factorsXiaolu, Wang
2007 Are Urban Children really healthier?van de Poel, Ellen / O'Donnell, Owen / van Doorslaer, Eddy
2007 Growing richer and taller: Explaining Change in the Distribution of Child Nutritional Status during Vietnam’s Economic BoomO'Donnell, Owen / Nicolás, Ángel López / van Doorslaer, Eddy

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