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DateTitle Authors
2003 Flexibility and competitiveness: Labour market flexibility, innovation and organisational performance : Finnish national reportAsplund, Rita
2004 The growth performance and prospects in Europe: A Kaldorian approachBianchi, Carluccio
2006 The European Size Distribution of Firms and EmploymentStenkula, Mikael
2010 Good institutions are not enough: Ongoing challenges of East German developmentCarlin, Wendy
2010 The Nordic development and growth models: The riddle is still there but we may be a little bit wiserVartiainen, Juhana
2012 Looking back on anger: Explaining the social origins of left-wing and nationalist-separatist terrorism in Western Europe, 1970-2007Brockhoff, Sarah / Krieger, Tim / Meierrieks, Daniel
1979 Experiments with Fiscal Policy Parameters on a Micro-to-Macro Model of the Swedish EconomyEliasson, Gunnar
1989 Evaluations of Swedish Labor Market PolicyBjörklund, Anders
1989 The Structure of Swedish International Trade and Specialization: “Old” and “New” ExplanationsLundberg, Lars
1985 The Swedish Payments System and the Underground EconomyFeige, Edgar L.

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