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2013 "Romanticizing Penniless Entrepreneurs?" The Relationship between Start-Ups and Human Wellbeing across CountriesNaudé, Wim A. / Amorós, José Ernesto / Cristi M., Oscar
2003 Persistence of underdevelopment: Does the type of natural resource endowment matter?Perälä, Maiju
2001 Fuelling war or buying peace: The role of corruption in conflictsLeBillon, Philippe
2010 Developing country business cycles: Characterising the cycleMale, Rachel
2009 The determinants of institutional quality. More on the debateAlonso, José Antonio / Garcimartín, Carlos
2007 Trade liberalisation is good for you if you are richAckah, Charles / Morrissey, Oliver
1996 Sweden's Relative Economic Performance: Lagging Behind or Staying on Top?Henrekson, Magnus
2003 Dual Economies and International Total Factor Productivity DifferencesChanda, Areendam / Dalgaard, Carl-Johan
1997 The transition to the service society : prospects for growth, productivity and employmentKlodt, Henning
2007 Jointness of growth determinantsDoppelhofer, Gernot / Weeks, Melvyn

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