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DateTitle Authors
2011 Political versus economic institutions in the growth processFlachaire, Emmanuel / García-Peénalosa, Cecilia / Konte, Maty
2013 Government debt and economic growthCalderón, César / Fuentes, J. Rodrigo
2003 Determinants of Business Cycles in Small Scale Macroeconomic Models: The German CaseMaußner, Alfred / Spatz, Julius
2008 Aid and sectoral labour productivitySelaya, Pablo / Thiele, Rainer
2015 The Causality Between Entrepreneurial Activities and Regional Economic Growth: Case of TurkeyTurgut, Semiha / Akgun, Aliye Ahu
1992 Testing growth theories: Time series evidenceGundlach, Erich
2015 Inferring the economic standard of living and health from cohort height: Evidence from modern populations in developing countriesAkachi, Yoko / Canning, David
2013 Relative Price Effects on Decompositions of Change in Aggregate Labor ProductivityDumagan, Jesus C.
2013 Technological progress, the "User Cost of Money," and the real output of banksBasu, Susanto / Wang, J. Christina
2012 The impact of social factors on economic growth: Empirical evidence for Romania and European Union countriesPopa, Ana-Maria

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