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DateTitle Authors
2010 Macroeconomic regimes, policies and outcomes in the worldSchmidt-Hebbel, Klaus
2002 Implications of the Changes in the System of National Accounts for Measured Growth and the Business CycleVanhoudt, Patrick
2003 Persistence of underdevelopment: Does the type of natural resource endowment matter?Perälä, Maiju
2009 Productivity, welfare, and reallocation: Theory and firm-level evidenceBasu, Susanto / Pascali, Luigi / Schiantarelli, Fabio / Serven, Luis
2011 Real output of bank services: What counts is what banks do, not what they ownInklaar, Robert / Wang, J. Christina
2006 Productivity and US macroeconomic performance: Interpreting the past and predicting the future with a two-sector real business cycle modelIreland, Peter N. / Schuh, Scott
2011 Human capital and growth: Specification mattersSunde, Uwe / Vischer, Thomas
2008 The value of risk: Measuring the service output of U.S. commercial banksBasu, Susanto / Inklaar, Robert / Wang, J. Christina
2012 Dynamic activity analysis model based win-win development forecasting under the environmental regulation in ChinaChen, Shiyi / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2011 Japan and her dealings with offshoring: An empirical analysis with aggregate dataAgnese, Pablo

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