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DateTitle Authors
2012 Estimating aggregate capital stocks using the perpetual inventory method: New empirical evidence for 103 countriesBerlemann, Michael / Wesselhöft, Jan-Erik
2008 Tuottavuuden mittaaminen: Suomi kansainvälisessä vertailussaKaitila, Ville / Nevalainen, Anni / Maliranta, Mika / Mankinen, Reijo
2007 Growth prospects of emerging market economies in Europe: How fast will they catch up with the old WestKaitila, Ville / Alho, Kari E.O. / Nikula, Nuutti
2003 China's Capital and Productivity Measurement Using Financial ResourcesLi, Kui-Wai
2007 Education, market rigidities and growthAghion, Philippe / Askenazy, Philippe / Bourlès, Renaud / Cette, Gilbert / Dromel, Nicolas
2012 Intangible capital and growth in advanced economies: Measurement methods and comparative resultsCorrado, Carol / Haskel, Jonathan / Jona-Lasinio, Cecilia / Iommi, Massimiliano
2001 Interpreting productivity growth in the new economy: Some agnostic notesGundlach, Erich
2004 Total Factor Productivity Revisited: A Dual Approach to Development AccountingAiyar, Shekhar / Dalgaard, Carl-Johan
2005 Capital quality improvement and the sources of growth in the euro areaSakellaris, Plutarchos / Vijselaar, Focco W.
2007 Analyzing patterns of economic growth: a production frontier approachKerekes, Monika

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