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DateTitle Authors
2009 The Political Economy of Productivity in Argentina: Interpretation and IllustrationUrbiztondo, Santiago / Cristini, Marcela / Moskovitz, Cynthia / Saiegh, Sebastian
2011 Productive Development Policies in ArgentinaButler, Ines / Rozemberg, Ricardo / Sanchez, Gabriel
2011 Políticas de Desarrollo Productivo en Panamá: Auto-descubrimiento y fallas de coordinaciónFernandez, Marcos
2010 Industrial Policy in Guatemala: A Case of Policy Inertia under Changing ParadigmsCuevas, Mario / Lee, Sigfrido / Pineda, Bismarck
2009 Entry barriers, competition, and technology adoptionFang, Lei
2010 Entry Cost, financial friction, and cross-country differences in income and TFPFang, Lei
2008 Structural change, technology and economic growth: Brazil and the CIBS in a comparative perspectiveCimoli, Mario / Pereira, Wellington / Porcile, Gabriel / Scatolin, Fábio
1992 A Note: On Privatization, Contract Technology and Economic GrowthEliasson, Gunnar
2008 Income and democracy: a comment on Acemoglu, Johnson, Robinson, and Yared (2008)Gundlach, Erich / Paldam, Martin
2013 To What Extent Is the Institutional Environment Responsible for Worldwide Differences in Economic DevelopmentPróchniak, Mariusz

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