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2005 Endogenous redistributive cycles: an overlapping generations approach to social conflict and cyclical growthClemens, Christiane / Heinemann, Maik
2005 On the effects of redistribution on growth and entrepreneurial risk takingClemens, Christiane / Heinemann, Maik
2006 Regional growth strategies: fiscal versus institutional governmental policiesOtt, Ingrid / Soretz, Susanne
2007 Optimal dynamic scale and structure of a multi-pollution economyBaumgärtner, Stefan / Jöst, Frank / Winkler, Ralph
2007 E-stability and stability of adaptive learning in models of asymetric informationHeinemann, Maik
2005 Barriers to accumulation and productivity differences in a two sector growth modelLandon-Lane, John S. / Robertson, Peter E.
2007 Comercio, tipo de cambio real y crecimiento económicoCasares, Enrique R.
2011 Labor productivity and energy use in a three sector model: An application to Egyptvon Arnim, Rudiger / Rada, Codrina
2011 Structural transformation in China and India: The role of macroeconomic policiesRada, Codrina / von Arnim, Rudiger
2012 Recycling of waste and downgrading of secondary resources in a classical type of production modelHosoda, Eiji B

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