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2005 Does Imported Skill-Biased Technological Change Originate None, One or Many Kuznets Curves?Vivarelli, Marco / Grimalda, Gianluca
2009 Structural change out of agriculture: labor push versus labor pullAlvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco / Poschke, Markus
2004 One or Many Kuznets Curves? : Short and Long Run Effects of the Impact of Skill-Biased Technological Change on Income InequalityGrimalda, Gianluca / Vivarelli, Marco
2005 Structural change in a multi-sector model of growthNgai, L. Rachel / Pissarides, Christopher A.
1999 Intel EconomicsSegerstrom, Paul S.
1991 Agricultural Pricing and GrowthHartler, Christina
1998 The Long-Run Growth Effects of R&D SubsidiesSegerstrom, Paul S.
2004 Capital Utilization and the Foundations of Club ConvergenceDalgaard, Carl-Johan / Winther Hansen, Jes
2008 Technological change, trade, and endogenous factor endowmentsGundlach, Erich / de Vaal, Albert
2006 Capital Augmenting and Labor Augmenting Approach in Measuring Contribution of Human Capital and Education to Economic GrowthPopović, Milenko

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