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DateTitle Authors
2000 On the Analytics of the Dynamic Laffer CurveAgell, Jonas / Persson, Mats
2013 Income Inequality, Mobility and the Accumulation of CapitalGarcía-Peñalosa, Cecilia / Turnovsky, Stephen J.
2001 Economic Growth, the Mathematical Pendulum, and a Golden Rule of ThumbChristiaans, Thomas
2002 At last!: An explicit solution for the Ramsey saddle pathMehlum, Halvor
2004 Specialization on a technologically atagnant aector need not be bad for growthFelbermayr, Gabriel
2003 The underestimated virtues of the two-sector AK modelFelbermayr, Gabriel / Licandro, Omar
2007 New Combinations and GrowthAntony, Juergen
2006 Competition in an Increasing Variety Growth ModelBauer, Christian
2004 Specialization on a Technologically Stagnant Sector Need Not Be Bad for GrowthFelbermayr, Gabriel J.
2005 Does Imported Skill-Biased Technological Change Originate None, One or Many Kuznets Curves?Vivarelli, Marco / Grimalda, Gianluca

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