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2007 Trust and Growth: A Shaky RelationshipBerggren, Niclas / Elinder, Mikael / Jordahl, Henrik
2010 Is Tolerance Good or Bad for Growth?Berggren, Niclas / Elinder, Mikael
2004 The growth performance and prospects in Europe: A Kaldorian approachBianchi, Carluccio
2006 The Solow model in the empirics of growth and tradeGundlach, Erich
2006 Notes on factor price equality and biased technical change in a two-cone trade modelBecker, Daniel Thomas / Gundlach, Erich
2005 Do multinational enterprises contribute to convergence or divergence? A disaggregated analysis of US FDIMayer-Foulkes, David / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2012 The Impact of Technological and Structural Changes in the National Economy on the Labour-Capital RelationsGawrycka, Małgorzata / Sobiechowska-Ziegert, Aneta / Szymczak, Anna
2012 Trust, Personal Moral Codes, and the Resource-Advantage Theory of Competition: Explaining Productivity, Economic Growth, and Wealth CreationHunt, Shelby D.
2012 Linking Ethics and Economic Growth: a Comment on HuntFoss, Nicolai J.
2013 To What Extent Is the Institutional Environment Responsible for Worldwide Differences in Economic DevelopmentPróchniak, Mariusz

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