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2012 Trust, Personal Moral Codes, and the Resource-Advantage Theory of Competition: Explaining Productivity, Economic Growth, and Wealth CreationHunt, Shelby D.
2012 Linking Ethics and Economic Growth: a Comment on HuntFoss, Nicolai J.
2013 To What Extent Is the Institutional Environment Responsible for Worldwide Differences in Economic DevelopmentPróchniak, Mariusz
5-Mar-2013 Sources, Reserves and Convergence of the Serbian Economic Growth - Jobless Growth of the Serbian EconomyPopović, Milenko
Sep-2013 The Sources of Growth in the Former SFRY Countries: Comparative AnalysisPopović, Milenko / Čiymović, Mirjana
2014 Iceland: How Could This Happen?Gylfason, Thorvaldur
2004 Insecure property rights and growth : the roles of appropriation costs, wealth effects, and heterogeneityvan Long, Ngo / Sorger, Gerhard
2009 Long memory in US real output per capitaCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Gil-Alana, Luis A.
2009 Multi-Factor Gegenbauer processes and European inflation ratesCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Gil-Alana, Luis A.
2000 Inequality and Growth: The Dual Role of Human Capital in DevelopmentEicher, Theo

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