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2013 Competition, markups, and the gains from international tradeEdmond, Chris / Midrigan, Virgiliu / Xu, Daniel Yi
2006 Are there Diminishing Returns to R&D?Madsen, Jakob B.
2003 Strictly Endogenous Growth with Non-renewable Resources Implies an Unbounded Growth RateGroth, Christian
2002 Halving poverty by doubling aid : how well founded is the optimism of the World Bank?Langhammer, Rolf J.
2000 Specifying Human Capital: A Review, Some Extensions, and Development EffectsWößmann, Ludger
1999 Capital mobility and growthDiehl, Markus / Gundlach, Erich
2005 Untangling the quality of governance from the level of income: Are Sub-Saharan African countries governed well?Gundlach, Erich / Hartmann, Susanne
2012 Beyond GDP: Modelling labour supply as a "free time" trade-off in a multiregional optimal growth modelBosetti, Valentina / Ghersi, Frédéric
2010 Leadership cyclesDenicolò, Vincenzo / Zanchettin, Piercarlo
2004 Why Run a Million Regressions? Endogenous Policy and Cross Country Growth EmpiricsRehme, Günther

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