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DateTitle Authors
2000 Truth and robustness in cross-country growth regressionsHoover, Kevin D. / Perez, Stephen J.
2014 Mobile telecommunications infrastructure and economic growth: Evidence from ChinaWard, Michael R. / Zheng, Shilin
2014 How agglomeration in the financial services industry influences economic growth: Evidence from Chinese citiesLiang, Lin / Lin, Shanglang / Li, Yong
2004 Why Run a Million Regressions? Endogenous Policy and Cross Country Growth EmpiricsRehme, Günther
2008 Labour productivity and firm entry and exit in manufacturingNevalainen, Anni
2002 Growth Regression and Economic TheoryElbers, Chris / Gunning, Jan Willem
2007 The Ifo industry growth accounting databaseRoehn, Oliver / Eicher, Theo S. / Strobel, Thomas
2009 Do better schools lead to more growth?: cognitive skills, economic outcomes, and causationHanushek, Eric Alan / Woessmann, Ludger
2007 Governmental activity, integration, and agglomerationOtt, Ingrid / Soretz, Susanne
2004 The Primacy of Institutions Reconsidered: The Effects of Malaria Prevalence in the Empirics of DevelopmentGundlach, Erich

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