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2014 Information Technologies and Provision of National Identification Cards by the Bolivian Police: Evidence from Two Randomized Natural Field ExperimentsChong, Alberto / Machicado, Carlos Gustavo / Yanez-Pagans, Monica
2012 University Entrepreneurship and Professor PrivilegeFärnstrand Damsgaard, Erika / Thursby, Marie
2007 Disentangling the R&D shortfall of the EU vis-á-vis the USErken, Hugo / van Es, Frank
2008 Do rankings reflect research quality?Frey, Bruno S. / Rost, Katja
2008 Promoting biofuels: implications for developing countriesPeters, Jörg / Thielmann, Sascha
2010 A control group study of incubators' impact to promote firm survivalSchwartz, Michael
2009 Auf gute Nachbarschaft? Zentreninterne Netzwerkstrukturen und Determinanten von Wissenschaftskooperationen in deutschen Technologie- und GründerzentrenSchwartz, Michael / Hornych, Christoph
2009 A novel approach to incubator evaluations: The PROMETHEE outranking proceduresSchwartz, Michael / Göthner, Maximilian
2009 Industry concentration and regional innovative performance: Empirical evidence for Eastern GermanySchwartz, Michael / Hornych, Christoph
2008 Incubator age and incubation time: Determinants of firm survival after graduation?Schwartz, Michael

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