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DateTitle Authors
2004 Environmental Innovation, War of Attrition and Investment GrantsMoretto, Michele / Dosi, Cesare
2009 A suggested method for the measurement of world leading research: (illustrated with data on economics)Oswald, Andrew J.
2011 Beyond additionality: Are innovation subsidies counterproductive?Catozzella, Alessandra / Vivarelli, Marco
2010 Employment protection, technology choice, and worker allocationBartelsman, Eric J. / Gautier, Pieter A. / de Wind, Joris
2011 Long-run effects of public-private research joint ventures: The case of the Danish innovation consortia support schemeKaiser, Ulrich / Kuhn, Johan Moritz
2014 Types of knowledge and diversity of business-academia collaborations Implications for measurement and policyHavas, Attila
2014 China's R&D subsidies: Allocation and effectivenessBoeing, Philipp
2014 Relaxing credit constraints in emerging economies: The impact of public loans on the performance of Brazilian manufacturersOttaviano, Gianmarco I. P. / Lage de Sousa, Filipe
2013 A segurança e defesa cibernética no Brasil e uma revisão das estratégias dos Estados Unidos, Rússia e Índia para o espaço virtualda Cruz Júnior, Samuel César
2014 Financing patterns of innovative SMEs and the perception of innovation barriers in GermanyBelitz, Heike / Lejpras, Anna

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