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DateTitle Authors
2006 An assessment of the regional innovation policy by the European Union based on bibliometrical analysisWerker, Claudia
2012 Online accessibility of academic articles and the diversity of economicsBoppart, Timo / Staub, Kevin E.
2014 Comparison of feed-in tariffs and tenders to remunerate solar power generationGrau, Thilo
1998 European trade and foreign direct investment U-Shaping industrial output in Central and Eastern Europe: Theory and evidenceRepkine, Alexander / Walsh, Patrick Paul
2010 Climate Policy, Technology Choice, and Multiple Equilibria in A Developing EconomyNarita, Daiju
2007 Alternative hypotheses of cross-country convergence: A non-parametric analysis of manufacturing sectorsDal Bianco, Silvia
2010 Climate policy, technology choice, and multiple equilibria in a developing economyNarita, Daiju
2010 On the role of productive government spendings for convergence of a growing economy with heterogenous specialistsSoretz, Susanne / Ott, Ingrid
2005 Returns to Computer Use and Organizational Practices of the FirmDostie, Benoît / Trépanier, Mathieu
2013 Do first mover advantages for producers of energy efficient appliances exist? The case of refrigeratorsCleff, Thomas / Rennings, Klaus

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