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2008 What drives innovation? Causes of and consequences for nanotechnologiesOtt, Ingrid / Papilloud, Christian / Zülsdorf, Torben
2012 What makes Chinese firms productive? Learning from indigenous and foreign sources of knowledgeBoeing, Philipp / Mueller, Elisabeth / Sandner, Philipp
2012 What are the channels for technology sourcing? Panel data evidence from German companiesHarhoff, Dietmar / Mueller, Elisabeth / Van Reenen, John
2000 Demand pull and technology push effects in the quality ladder modelStadler, Manfred
2004 Technological Progress and Market Growth : An Empirical Study Based on the Quality-Ladder ApproachGrupp, Hariolf / Stadler, Manfred
2000 Savings, expectations and technological unemployment: a generalization of assumptions for the Hicksian fixwage traverseKraus, Margit / Wirth, Steffen
2001 The impact of office machinery and computer capital on the demand for heterogeneous laborFalk, Martin
2001 Organizational change, new information and communication technologies and the demand for labor in servicesFalk, Martin
2008 International Scientist Mobility and the Locus of Technology TransferEdler, Jakob / Fier, Heide / Grimpe, Christoph
2009 Informal university technology transfer: a comparison between the United States and GermanyGrimpe, Christoph / Fier, Heide

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