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DateTitle Authors
2012 Which economic model for mobile payments?Chaix, Laetitia / Torre, Dominique
2010 The information revolution and small business lending: The missing evidenceDeYoung, Robert / Frame, W. Scott / Glennon, Dennis / Nigro, Peter
2008 What drives innovation? Causes of and consequences for nanotechnologiesOtt, Ingrid / Papilloud, Christian / Zülsdorf, Torben
2012 What makes Chinese firms productive? Learning from indigenous and foreign sources of knowledgeBoeing, Philipp / Mueller, Elisabeth / Sandner, Philipp
2012 What are the channels for technology sourcing? Panel data evidence from German companiesHarhoff, Dietmar / Mueller, Elisabeth / Van Reenen, John
2000 Demand pull and technology push effects in the quality ladder modelStadler, Manfred
2004 Technological Progress and Market Growth : An Empirical Study Based on the Quality-Ladder ApproachGrupp, Hariolf / Stadler, Manfred
2000 Savings, expectations and technological unemployment: a generalization of assumptions for the Hicksian fixwage traverseKraus, Margit / Wirth, Steffen
2000 Outsourcing of services, imported materials and the demand for heterogeneous labour : an application of a generalised box-cox functionFalk, Martin / Koebel, Bertrand M.
2001 Organizational change, new information and communication technologies and the demand for labor in servicesFalk, Martin

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