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2004 Cross-Border Securities Clearing and Settlement Infrastructure in the European Union as a Prerequisite to Financial Markets Integration : Challenges and Perspectivesde Carvalho, Cynthia Hirata
2002 Is there a gender gap in internet usage?Ono, Hiroshi / Zavodny, Madeline
2002 Kommer IKT-revolutionen även att lyfta Euopas ekonomier?Edquist, Harald / Henrekson, Magnus
2001 The impact of physician preferences and patient habits on the diffusion of new drugsJohannesson, Magnus / Lundin, Douglas
2012 The impact of pharmaceutical innovation on longevity and medical expenditure in Sweden, 1997-2010: Evidence from longitudinal, disease-level dataLichtenberg, Frank / Pettersson, Billie
2006 Economic development strategy, openness and rural poverty: A framework and China's experiencesLin, Justin Yifu / Liu, Peilin
2009 Multinational ownership and R&D intensity: The role of external knowledge sources and spilloversDe Beule, Filip / Van Beveren, Ilke
2012 Erneuerbare Energien: Brandenburg und Bayern führen im LändervergleichDiekmann, Jochen / Groba, Felix
2013 The role of CO2-EOR for the development of a CCTS infrastructure in the North Sea region: A techno-economic model and applicationMendelevitch, Roman
2011 The hidden increase in wage inequality: Skill-biased and ability-biased technology changeMichaelsen, Maren M.

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