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2008 Impact of SME policies on innovation: The Turkish caseBascavusoglu-Moreau, Elif
2014 Do firms benefit from complementarity effect in R&D and what drives their R&D strategy choices?Cantner, Uwe / Savin, Ivan
2011 An emerging paradigm or just another trajectory? Understanding the nature of technological changes using engineering heuristics in the telecommunications switching industryMartinelli, Arianna
2005 Science-technology-industry links and the "European paradox": Some notes on the dynamics of scientific and technological research in EuropeDosi, Giovanni / Llerena, Patrick / Sylos Labini, Mauro
2012 Innovation and market dynamics: A two-mode network approach to user-producer relationCantner, Uwe / Guerzoni, Marco / Martinelli, Arianna
2011 Knowledge sharing among inventors: Some historical perspectivesBessen, James / Nuvolari, Alessandro
2011 The early diffusion of the steam engine in Britain, 1700-1800: A reappraisalNuvolari, Alessandro / Verspagen, Bart / Von Tunzelmann, Nick
2010 Multinational corporations, technology spillovers and human rights' impacts on developing countriesGiuliani, Elisa
2005 The revolution within: ICT and the shifting knowledge base of the world's largest companiesMendonça, Sandro
2006 Demand and technology contribution to structural change and tertiarisation: An input-output structural decomposition analysisSavona, Maria / Lorentz, André

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