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1998 Public research and industrial innovations in GermanyBeise, Marian / Stahl, Harald
1998 Mapping innovative clusters in national innovation systemsSpielkamp, Alfred / Vopel, Katrin
2007 The Influence of Strategic Patenting on Companies' Patent PortfoliosBlind, Knut / Cremers, Katrin / Mueller, Elisabeth
2007 Search Patterns and Absorptive Capacity: A Comparison of Low- and High-Technology Firms from Thirteen European CountriesGrimpe, Christoph / Sofka, Wolfgang
2008 Gains and Pains from Contract Research: A Transaction and Firm-level PerspectiveKaiser, Ulrich / Grimpe, Christoph
2008 Financial Constraints: Routine Versus Cutting Edge R&D InvestmentBinz, Hanna L. / Czarnitzki, Dirk
2007 The Importance of Equity Finance for R&D Activity: Are There Differences Between Young and OldCompanies?Zimmermann, Volker / Mueller, Elisabeth
2008 The Knowledge Production of 'R' and 'D'Thorwarth, Susanne / Kraft, Kornelius / Czarnitzki, Dirk
2008 R&D Investment and Financing Constraints of Small and Medium-Sized FirmCzarnitzki, Dirk / Binz, Hanna L.
2008 Knowledge Production in Nanomaterials: An Application of Spatial Filtering to Regional Systems of InnovationPatuelli, Roberto / Grimpe, Christoph

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