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2005 Did Concentration on Core Competencies Drive Merger and Acquisition Activities in the 1990s? Empirical Evidence for GermanyHussinger, Katrin
2005 Global Idea Sourcing: An Empirical Investigation into the Mechanisms Behind the Usage of Foreign Business Sources for InnovationSofka, Wolfgang
2005 Knowledge Flows and R&D Co-operation: Firm-level Evidence from GermanySchmidt, Tobias
2005 Does Public Scientific Research Complement Industry R&D Investment? The Case of NIH Supported Basic and Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Industry R&DToole, Andrew A.
2006 Lost in Translation: Empirical Evidence for Liability of Foreignness as a Barrier to Knowledge SpilloversSofka, Wolfgang / Schmidt, Tobias
2006 Global Sensing and Sensibility: A Multi-Stage Matching Assessment of Competitive Advantage from Foreign Sources of InnovationTeichert, Thorsten / Sofka, Wolfgang
2006 Do Spillovers Stimulate Incremental or Drastic Product Innovations? Hypotheses and Evidence from German Establishment DataJirjahn, Uwe / Kraft, Kornelius
2006 Innovation Activities Abroad and the Effects of Liability of Foreignness: Where it HurtsSofka, Wolfgang
2000 An empirical test of the asymmetric models on innovative activity: who invests more into R&D - the incumbent or the challenger?Czarnitzki, Dirk / Kraft, Kornelius
2002 Entrepreneurship Capital and Economic PerformanceAudretsch, David B. / Keilbach, Max

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