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2006 Innovation and Adoption of Electronic Business TechnologiesSülzle, Kai
2007 Innovation and Adoption of Electronic Business TechnologiesSülzle, Kai
2009 The design paradox: the contribution of in-house and external design activities on product market performanceCzarnitzki, Dirk / Thorwarth, Susanne
1997 Exploring the Tail of Patented Invention Value DistributionsScherer, Frederic M. / Harhoff, Dietmar / Vopel, Katrin
2000 Savings, expectations and technological unemployment: a generalization of assumptions for the Hicksian fixwage traverseKraus, Margit / Wirth, Steffen
2000 Research Cooperation and Research Expenditures with Endogenous Absorptive Capacity: Theory and Microeconometric Evidence for the German Service SectorKaiser, Ulrich
2007 Older Workers and the Adoption of New TechnologiesMeyer, Jenny
2008 Financial Constraints: Routine Versus Cutting Edge R&D InvestmentBinz, Hanna L. / Czarnitzki, Dirk
2008 Are Local Milieus the Key to Innovation Performance?Czarnitzki, Dirk / Binz, Hanna L.
2008 The Adoption of New Technologies and the Age Structure of the WorkforceMeyer, Jenny

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