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2015 The persistent high-tech myth in the EC policy circles: Implications for the EU10 countriesHavas, Attila
2015 R&D policies for young SMEs: Input and output effectsCzarnitzki, Dirk / Delanote, Julie
2013 Open Innovation in a dynamic cournot duopolyHasnas, Irina / Lambertini, Luca / Palestini, Arsen
2012 Financiamento público da pesquisa em recursos hídricos no Brasil: O fundo setorial CT-HidroRosa dos Santos, Gesmar
2012 Intellectual property rights in a quality-ladder model with persistent leadershipKiedaisch, Christian
2005 Conditions for an efficient innovation process: The complementarity between new HRM practices and suggestion schemesPaunescu, Mihai
2016 Support for private research and development in OECD countries on the rise but increasingly inefficientBelitz, Heike
2016 Two sides to the evasion: The pirate bay and the interdependencies of evasive entrepreneurshipElert, Niklas / Henrekson, Magnus / Lundblad, Joakim
2009 The interplay of human and social capital in entrepreneurship in developing countries: The case of UgandaRooks, Gerrit / Szirmai, Adam / Sserwanga, Arthur
2001 Maintenance Costs, Obsolescence, and Endogenous GrowthBerden, Koen G. / van Marrewijk, Charles

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