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2012 Financiamento público da pesquisa em recursos hídricos no Brasil: O fundo setorial CT-HidroRosa dos Santos, Gesmar
2012 Intellectual property rights in a quality-ladder model with persistent leadershipKiedaisch, Christian
2005 Conditions for an efficient innovation process: The complementarity between new HRM practices and suggestion schemesPaunescu, Mihai
2002 A Schumpeter-inspired approach to the construction of R&D capital stocksBitzer, Jürgen / Stephan, Andreas
2001 Maintenance Costs, Obsolescence, and Endogenous GrowthBerden, Koen G. / van Marrewijk, Charles
2009 The interplay of human and social capital in entrepreneurship in developing countries: The case of UgandaRooks, Gerrit / Szirmai, Adam / Sserwanga, Arthur
Aug-2013 Generalized trust and regional innovation activitySchild, Christopher-Johannes
2013 Balanced skills and the city: An analysis of the relationship between entrepreneurial skill balance, thickness and innovationBublitz, Elisabeth / Fritsch, Michael / Wyrwich, Michael
2013 Impact of renewable energy policy and use on innovation: A literature reviewGroba, Felix / Breitschopf, Barbara
2015 An Innovation Policy Framework: Bridging the Gap between Industrial Dynamics and GrowthBraunerhjelm, Pontus / Henrekson, Magnus

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