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2012 Why don't women patent?Hunt, Jennifer / Garant, Jean-Philippe / Herman, Hannah / Munroe, David J.
2011 Long-run effects of public-private research joint ventures: The case of the Danish innovation consortia support schemeKaiser, Ulrich / Kuhn, Johan Moritz
2013 Impact of external knowledge acquisition strategies on innovation: A comparative study based on Dutch and Swiss panel dataArvanitis, Spyridon / Lokshin, Boris / Mohnen, Pierre / Wörter, Martin
2010 How do different motives for R&D investment in foreign locations affect domestic firm performance? An analysis based on Swiss panel micro dataArvanitis, Spyros / Hollenstein, Heinz
2012 How Swiss small- and medium-sized firms assess the performance impact of mergers and acquisitionsArvanitis, Spyridon / Stucki, Tobias
2010 Factors determining the adoption of energy-saving technologies in Swiss firms: An analysis based on micro dataArvanitis, Spyros / Ley, Marius
2011 Outsourcing and firm performance: A comparative study of Swiss and Greek firmsArvanitis, Spyros / Loukis, Euripidis N.
2010 Insights into the determinants of innovation in energy efficiencyLey, Marius
2013 The impact of venture capital on the persistence of innovation activities of Swiss start-upsArvanitis, Spyros / Stucki, Tobias
2012 Do mergers and acquisitions affect the performance of acquiring firms? Evidence for Swiss small- and medium-sized firmsArvanitis, Spyridon / Stucki, Tobias

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