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DateTitle Authors
2013 Allocation of Human Capital and Innovation at the Frontier: Firm-level Evidence on Germany and the NetherlandsBartelsman, Eric / Dobbelaere, Sabien / Peters, Bettina
2008 Linking environmental and innovation policyGerlagh, Reyer / Kverndokk, Snorre / Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2011 Incentives for environmental R&DGreaker, Mads / Hoel, Michael
2001 Economic Growth, a Golden Rule of Thumb, and Learning by DoingChristiaans, Thomas
2009 Employee education, information and communication technology, workplace organization and trade: A comparative analysis of Greek and Swiss enterprisesArvanitis, Spyros / Loukis, Euripidis N.
2006 Institutionalism ancient, old and new: A historical perspective on institutions and uneven developmentReinert, Erik S.
2012 How innovative are spin-offs at later stages of development? Comparing innovativeness of established research spin-offs and otherwise created firmsLejpras, Anna
2005 R&D races and spillovers between the EU and the US: Some causal evidenceAtukeren, Erdal
2004 Diffusion of digital mobile telephony: Are developing countries different?Rouvinen, Petri
2012 Responsive adjustment of feed-in tariffs to dynamic PV technology developmentGrau, Thilo

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