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2012 Desenvolvimento tecnológico por empresas multinacionais no Brasil e na Coreia do SulZucoloto, Graziela Ferrero
2012 Desenvolvimento tecnológico por origem de capital: A experiência brasileira recenteZucoloto, Graziela Ferrero / Cassiolato, José Eduardo
2005 Spatial Activity and Labour Market PatternsRusso, Giovanni / Reggiani, Aura / Nijkamp, Peter
2014 Which countries benefit most from emerging technological opportunities?Maleki, Ali / Rosiello, Alessandro
2007 Jobless growth through creative destruction: Ireland's industrial development path 1972 - 2003Li, Qi / Walsh, Patrick Paul / Whelan, Ciara
2005 University-industry knowledge and technology transfer in Switzerland: The university viewArvanitis, Spyros / Kubli, Ursina / Sydow, Nora / Wörter, Martin
2007 Industry diversity and its impact on the innovation performance of firms: An empirical analysis based on firm-level panel dataWörter, Martin
2009 How do different motives for R&D cooperation affect firm performance? An analysis based on Swiss micro dataArvanitis, Spyros
2009 A comparison of firm-level innovation cooperation in five European countriesArvanitis, Spyros / Bolli, Thomas
2006 Firms' strategies for knowledge and technology transfer with public research organisations and their impact on firms' performance: An empirical analysis based on firm-level dataArvanitis, Spyros / Wörter, Martin

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