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2011 Does the data support the neo-mercantilist preoccupation with protecting manufacturing?Tower, Edward / Waite, Alecia
2010 The Role of the Everything But Arms Trade Preferences Regime in the EU Development StrategyGradeva, Katerina / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2014 The possible trinity: Optimal interest rate, exchange rate, and taxes on capital flows in a DSGE model for a small open economyEscudé, Guillermo J.
2012 Why should sub-Saharan Africa care about the Doha development round?Draper, Peter / Freytag, Andreas / Al Doyaili, Sarah
2012 A DSGE model for a SOE with systematic interest and foreign exchange policy in which policymakers exploit the risk premium for stabilization purposesEscudé, Guillermo J.
2007 Does Africa really benefit from trade?Busse, Matthias / Groizard, José Luis
2007 Consequences of economic: Partnership agreements between East and Southern African countries and the EU for inter- and intra-regional integrationBorrmann, Axel / Busse, Matthias / de la Rocha, Manuel
2010 Foreign direct investment and exchange rate regimesBusse, Matthias / Hefeker, Carsten / Nelgen, Signe
2013 Why should Sub-Saharan Africa care about the Doha Development Round?Draper, Peter / Freytag, Andreas / Doyaili, Sarah Al
2009 EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements - Empirical Evidence for Sub-Saharan AfricaVollmer, Sebastian / Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada / Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas / Klann, Nils

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