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2010 Renminbising China's foreign assetsCheung, Yin-Wong / Ma, Guonan / McCauley, Robert N.
2009 Pros and Cons of ‘Backing Winners’ in Innovation Policyden Butter, Frank A.G. / Jo, Seung-gyu
2010 Russia's chemical and petrochemical industries at the eve of WTO-AccessionSchaimijeva, Elmira / Gumerova, Gjusel / Jasper, Jörg / Budzinski, Oliver
2010 Foreign direct investment and exchange rate regimesBusse, Matthias / Hefeker, Carsten / Nelgen, Signe
2004 Special and differential treatment in the WTO: Why, when and how?Keck, Alexander / Low, Patrick
2013 A DSGE model for a SOE with systematic interest and foreign exchange policies in wich policymakers exploit the risk premium for stabilization purposesEscudé, Guillermo
2006 Why do low- and high-skill workers migrate?: flow evidence from FranceGross, Dominique M. / Schmitt, Nicolas
2006 Inequality and the US import demand functionKatsimi, Margarita / Moutos, Thomas
2008 Inequality and the import demand functionAdam, Antonis / Katsimi, Margarita / Moutos, Thomas
2012 More trade for better health? International trade and tariffs on health productsHelble, Matthias

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